2025 : In the future the Cloud will manage our Healthcare

September 19, 2012

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A fascinating new research project by Virgin Media, in association with the Future Laboratory, has outlined how technology will play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Everything from our work, social life and healthcare will be managed by online systems checking our vital statistics, repeat prescriptions and availability to book a new doctors or dentist appointment.

Our future will be one driven by data and connectivity. By 2025 our daily routines will be aided by “computer assisted living” with our own personal terminal replacing our personal smartphones … goodbye iPhone and hello terra bytes of personal data. One of the biggest advances in technology is predicted to be healthcare, with our personal terminal advising us we have no milk in the fridge, we have a dentist appointment at 3:30pm or we should brush our teeth for 4 minutes and 12 seconds this morning.

In the future our personal terminals will monitor our health, weight, heart rate and tell us when we are de hydrated. These new technological devices will be available 24/7 and will feel like having your GP on your shoulder every day, always there for advice and support.

So if all of this is happening in 13 years time, what is available today? At Zesty we’re busy building a new web and mobile platform that will empower you to book healthcare appointments at short notice, saving you time and trouble.

Soon you will be able to book an appointment when you want and where you want, right from your laptop or mobile phone. Gone are the days of waiting on the phone trying to get through to the receptionist …

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