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Smart Medicine – The Digital Pill

In 2014 it was reported that almost half of all adults in the UK take some form of prescription drugs. These “common” prescribed medicines often include: Cholesterol lowering statins High blood pressure medicines Painkillers Antidepressants Within this vast quantity of drug use it has been reported that up to 50%Read More

The New Stress Relieving Social Network

Most of us experience stress in our daily lives. We can often get bogged down in certain situations and see no way out, not knowing who to turn to or if anyone would understand. This is where Koko comes in. ‘Koko helps you navigate through stressful thoughts and find your wayRead More

The UK Digital Health Revolution 2016

A digital revolution has been on going for some years now, with the capability and capacity of smartphones and tablets improving dramatically and impacting on the nation as a whole. 2015 saw a huge boom in the wearable technology industry with products such as the Fitbit taking the market byRead More

Google patents needle-free blood draw device

Back in 2014 Google announced its ‘smart contact lens’. This innovative product would be able to monitor a diabetic person’s glucose levels through their tears and the information would then be sent wirelessly to a device, making the monitoring of sugar levels far easier for patients. As this device startsRead More

Health Concerns:
What is the UK googling?

The average Brit spends around 5 years of their lives worrying. Broken down, this amounts to 1 hour and 50 minutes every day – with work and financial problems being at the top of the list. At Zesty we have decided to take this further, delving a little deeper toRead More

Zesty featured on CNBC’s Tech Transformers

http://www.cnbc.com/2015/10/09/can-medical-smartphone-apps-replace-your-doctor.html Zesty has become a leading European digital health company, providing on-demand access to healthcare appointments via desktop, tablet, mobile and cross platform apps. As the company continues to grow beyond the UK, it’s scope now extends to larger enterprise deployments within the NHS and other European hospital environments. BackedRead More

Pharmacists to work
within GP Surgeries

Thanks to increased funding from the NHS, over 7 million patients will soon have access to a clinical pharmacist when visiting their GP. This 3-year initiative is due to start in the spring of 2016 with a £15m fund being spread over 3 years and offered to surgeries under theRead More

Mindful Meditation
emerging in General Practice

Meditation – dismissed by many of us as a whimsical and hippy practice, reserved only for those who want to have homes in trees and live off the land whilst frolicking in their baggy harem pants. But this is no longer the case in General Practice. Mindfulness is the qualityRead More

CT scans – more harm than good?

This blog post was written for Zesty by Sarrina Tursunova, a University Student at The Imperial College School of Medicine currently studying Biomedical Sciences. Computed Tomography (CT) scans have become a routine procedure in medicine. They function by processing images taken from various angles by X-rays and combining them into 3DRead More

Curing cancer: could crowdfunding be the answer?

Have you ever chipped in cash for a crowdfunded project? Maybe a local coffee roastery start-up, a friend’s expedition to the Antarctic, or studio time for a musician’s debut album? How about charity sponsorships? A few quid for an ice-bucket challenge, or a tenner for a 10K run? With allRead More