Google patents needle-free blood draw device

Back in 2014 Google announced its ‘smart contact lens’. This innovative product would be able to monitor a diabetic person’s glucose levels through their tears and the information would then be sent wirelessly to a device, making the monitoring of sugar levels far easier for patients.

As this device starts to become reality, moving from an idea to implementation, Google announces yet another ingenious device – a needle-free blood draw.

Needle-free device

As shown in the image above this device is worn on the wrist, similar to a watch. Using differing pressures it fires a gas-powered micro particle into the skin and withdraws blood into a pressurised container. Only a small amount of blood is withdrawn, enough for a glucose test, and the results are displayed on the devices face/monitor.

Although it has not been confirmed that this will make it to actual production, this product could be the saviour for many people who are squeamish to blood and needles. Watch this space.






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