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NHS England highlight Zesty and MKUH’s patient portal as GDE success

January 20, 2020

The Zesty team were proud to see NHS England highlighting our work in partnership with Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Trust as an example of the GDE blueprint success.

The MyCare patient portal has been a huge success with 38,000 patients registered to manage their outpatient appointments in just over 6 months. To date over 70,000 patients have registered and used MKUH’s MyCare patient portal.

MyCARE enables patients to manage their own appointments and view appointment letters online. People are increasingly using technology in almost every aspect of their lives. Within healthcare, you may already be receiving text messages and reminders from your GP surgery or Dentist and you may be booking GP appointments, ordering prescriptions or checking test results online.

NHS England Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) Blueprinting workstream

The Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) Blueprinting workstream forms part of the national Provider Digitisation Programme.

GDE blueprints are expected to help other NHS Trusts deliver digital capabilities more quickly and cost effectively than has been possible in the past, to improve services for patients and staff.

These blueprints are a structured collection of knowledge assets and associated methodology for using them. They highlight important components needed for sustainable digital transformation such as; organisational leadership and culture, technical guidance, clinical and staff engagement as well as the people and processes required to deliver the benefits of technology.

They cover a range of digital initiatives such as using software to detect the risk of patients contracting sepsis, having a paperless A&E department or introducing e-prescribing across an organisation to improve safety and quality of care, clinical outcomes, and patient and staff experience.

Created by NHS Trusts, who are recognised for using digital technologies to support wider transformation, the GDE blueprints are step-by-step guides that can also be tailored by individual Trusts to suit their own local needs and requirements.


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