The UK Digital Health Revolution 2016

December 14, 2015

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A digital revolution has been on going for some years now, with the capability and capacity of smartphones and tablets improving dramatically and impacting on the nation as a whole. 2015 saw a huge boom in the wearable technology industry with products such as the Fitbit taking the market by storm. All of this technological advancement is increasing the expectations of patients within the digital age.

Fast Web Media (FWM) has recently stated 2016 as the true year of the digital healthcare revolution. Improvements in the current capabilities of wearable technology could focus on patients with long term illnesses/conditions; monitored by these technologies and linking directly to their medical records. This will enable any problems to be spotted quickly and hopefully increase people’s chances of survival. Doctors will have advanced knowledge of how patients are feeling, their activity levels and other vital statistics.

Further to this we are likely to see more remote access availability to GP surgeries. We have seen the start of this through services such as Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor and Babylon. Patients are able to go online and speak to their Doctor via video, with full access to their medical records and the ability to order prescriptions online.

Science Research

A health care learning system

One major advance in digital technology for healthcare has been ‘Big Data’. Much like how big Internet giants, Amazon, Netflix and Facebook collect data about their customers to build predictive models on what they would like to see in advertisements, products etc. healthcare could soon use similar models. Using patient records and data to build predictive models on disease and treatments. This is something that researchers have already started to use and is sure to snowball into the next big tool in healthcare development.

Zesty and the Digital Revolution

At Zesty we have been a part of the digital revolution through online booking. Providing on-demand access to healthcare appointments via desktop, tablet, mobile and cross platform apps. As mentioned in our recent blog post “Zesty featured on CNBC’s Tech Transformers” we are now extending into a larger enterprises within the NHS and other European hospital environments. Bring on 2016!


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