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Zesty CEO invited to speak at EY Health Outcome Exchange Event

October 14, 2018

Zesty CEO James Balmain has been invited to speak at the EY Health Outcome Exchange Event on October 17th 2018. EY have a great mix of Life Sciences and Healthcare stakeholders joining the event from across the NHS and Pharma industry.


Speakers and panel members will include a diverse set of stakeholders including senior leaders from ICHOM, Roche, Royal Marsden NHS, The Christie NHS, Cancer Research, a law firm specialising in outcomes contracting, Zesty, GuardTime and Umotif.


Purpose:  Discuss how we can deliver ‘triple wins’ by making health outcomes a sustainable reality.

Objectives of the event : Understand what outcomes-based contracting is and the benefits it delivers.

Explore the core components of how to make outcomes-based contracting a reality.

Think about the implications and next steps for your organisation



The event builds on EY’s recent work on Outcomes Based Contracting.

“Health care systems around the world are fast reaching, or already at, breaking point and struggling to balance the multitude of demands on their limited resources. Historically, health care has been paid for based on volume rather than value and outcomes. Outcomes-based contracting (OBC), commissioning health care on results delivered and tying payment to the achievement of specific performance standards, offers a different approach to tackling these challenges. It is increasingly seen as a viable, and perhaps the only sustainable, way of aligning payment to value. This in turn incentivises and enables greater efficiency and effectiveness across the system.

OBC not only delivers a better patient experience and results, but also provides a clear link between price and treatment effectiveness and incentivises manufacturers to play a broader role in health care. There are also significant benefits for life sciences companies, including fundamentally changing the relationships with your customers, shifting the conversation from price to value and even creating opportunities for new revenue streams.”



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