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Zesty featured in The Times Raconteur Digital Healthcare magazine

April 23, 2019

Great to see Zesty featured in The Times Raconteur Digital Healthcare magazine this week and Zesty CEO James Balmain discussing his views on Digital Transformation in the NHS with author Danny Buckland.

Age is no barrier to digital healthcare

By 2040, around 15 million people in the UK will be over 65 years old and one in seven are projected to be over 70. This growing cohort of older people will be just as engaged with technology as the rest of the population, according to EY’s Future of Health 2018 report, which found little gulf across the age groups, despite the fact that young people – particularly the dig- ital native generation – have been raised with tech.

“Age is not a demarcation. It is your personal attitude to digital that matters – you can be young or old,” says David Roberts, EY’s global health sector leader. “Some people will struggle when it comes to complex technology, so the trick is to make it work straight out of the box and if you can do that then older generations are big uptakers.”

James Balmain, co-founder of Zesty, a fast-growing online healthcare booking service with 60,000 clients, says there is no age barrier.

“The contention that technology is for the young and that older generations are not awake to its potential is a myth,” he says.

“There are people who may have access difficulties and may need the help of a carer but that has nothing to do with age. The key here is to have pathways to make sure different people can be involved and enjoy the benefits of digital healthcare.”

NHS grapples with digital transformation

Health Secretary Matt Hancock and NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens are driving ambitious technological changes. For instance, the NHS schedules 300 million appointments annually and has made a start digitising the associated donkey work. This is the type of challenge (though on a smaller scale) that private business sectors have already addressed.

James Balmain, co-founder of one of the UK’s leading online healthcare booking ser- vices, Zesty, believes “operational friction” within the NHS needs to be smoothed out to make it more compatible with and accessible to the private sector.

“We see exciting promise from care at home, remote treatments and patient monitoring,” he says. “But there needs to be more integration.”

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