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Zesty featured on the BBC

May 23, 2020

Zesty was excited to be featured in the May 23rd episode of BBC Click: “The Doctor Will (Remotely) See You Now” and a BBC News programme on the 26th May entitled “Covid-19 brings remote medicine revolution to the UK”. Our technology is currently helping NHS hospitals with the shift to a patient initiated follow up (PIFU) model, where the patient is actively involved in their care planning and empowered to self schedule remote appointments.

BBC Click: The Doctor Will (Remotely) See You Now

In this week’s episode, Click sees how the coronavirus pandemic has revolutionised the use of remote medicine by doctors and hospitals in the UK.














BBC News: “Covid-19 brings remote medicine revolution to the UK”

Apps which allow doctors to connect with patients remotely have been available for a while, but the coronavirus pandemic has seen doctors finding new ways to consult with critical patient care, including reviewing scans and X-rays from home.

BBC Click’s Jen Copestake visits Harrogate District Hospital and a GP surgery in London to find out how staff have been trying to see patients remotely where they can.


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