Zesty named “1 of the The 10 hottest HealthTech companies in London”

February 12, 2015

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Can the London mayor, Boris Johnson, turn the capital into a world class hub of health technology innovation? Here are 10 companies he is hanging his hopes on.

It has been well documented that the British government are keen to position London as the health technology capital of Europe, if not the world. Pointing to world class life sciences and medical research facilities via universities and hospitals, the London mayor announced ‘med city’ in April 2014, to help draw attention to London healthtech as a hub of innovation.

Boston and San Francisco have pioneered in this field to date and London healthtech is keen to catch up. Creating another dominant industry in the city will reduce London’s dependence on financial services and help propel further economic growth.

Upon the launch of med city last year, the London mayor Boris Johnson, said “we haven’t yet been as successful as some other cities in turning scientific breakthroughs into cash and creating the kind of startups we want.”  The challenge for London healthtech then, is to turn the access to world class technology and scientific research into viable commercial entities.

Below is a list, in no particular order, of 10 companies in London healthtech which are trying to do exactly that.

Big Health





Big Health delivers personalized behavioral medicine via web and mobile to the highest standards of clinical evidence. Its products include Sleepio, the digital sleep improvement program clinically proven to help overcome even long-term poor sleep, without pills or potions.

The Sleepio program is delivered via web and mobile. A virtual sleep expert, The Prof, guides the user through six interactive weekly sessions. These sessions are automatically personalized to each user based on data collected from wearable devices, entered during an initial screening questionnaire and a daily sleep diary. A range of online tools, a library of expert articles and an online community are incorporated into the program.





Babylon is an integrated digital healthcare system combining the latest advances in technology with modern medicine. It provides accessible and affordable GP and Specialist consultation, related diagnostics and health monitoring. With an easy appointment and records system, leading clinicians and a state of the art personal health monitoring capabilities, Babylon is simply your own virtual health service in your pocket.




TrialReach is an innovative search business whose website helps patients with any medical condition to explore, understand and access information on clinical trials anywhere in the world.

TrialReach’s unique website combines a specialized search engine, exclusive patient-friendly information and fast communication channels between patients and physicians to make clinical trials easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to access.




HealthUnlocked is the largest and fastest-growing social network for health in Europe and the first multilingual health network in the world (English, Spanish and Portuguese to date). 94% of their members say that HealthUnlocked has been “life changing” or “useful” for them.

People come to connect with others, learn about their health and manage day-to-day issues better. As well as a network of communities there are also patient-to-clinician applications in 50 UK hospitals, allowing online connection to clinicians. HealthUnlocked gets over 2.5m monthly visits and has over 200k registered members.




The Zesty platform allows patients to find local healthcare providers and compare doctors and services using real crowd sourced reviews from its users, as well as book confirmed appointments within minutes. Clinicians can also open up cancelled appointment slots in real time, providing more opportunities for patients to book appointments, all in a sleek, easy-to-use online system.




Qinec works by streamlining processes such as appointment booking, patient record-keeping, prescribing and billing. It operates through a cloud-hosted software platform, available to ‘every class’ of outpatient care provider such as doctors, ophthalmologists and physiotherapists.




uMotif developed an app that helps strengthen vital relationships between patients and their clinicians and carers, aiming to improve the lives of those suffering from chronic illness.The daily tracking app lets patients measure various aspects important to their health condition, from glucose levels for diabetics to blood pressure for heart disease patients.




MedoPad offers a enterprise mobile solution that delivers patient data directly to the doctor. The idea is to help healthcare professionals be more productive and efficient in managing clinical information.



Healthberry is a new platform for providing health care professionals with feedback posted on social channels. Essentially, the HealthBerry system aggregates feedback left across channels like Facebook and Twitter, as well as more specific ones like Patient Opinion and Care Connect, among others.





HomeTouch is an award-winning elderly care digital service. It offers two products, a carer marketplace and a tablet-based application. The purpose is twofold: to help the elderly become less isolated and more active, and to provide families, carers and care providers with a set of productivity, monitoring and communication tools.



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