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Zesty support Northampton General Hospital to launch Appointments Online NGH

December 1, 2019

Zesty are excited to support Northampton General Hospital with the launch of Appointments Online NGH.

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust provides general acute services for a population of 380,000 and hyper-acute stroke, vascular and renal services to people living throughout whole of Northamptonshire, a population of 692,000.  The Trust is also an accredited cancer centre and provides cancer services to a wider population of 880,000 who live in Northamptonshire and parts of Buckinghamshire.

Appointments Online NGH

Northampton General Hospital have introduced a new system called Appointments Online NGH, which will allow you to view your outpatient appointment online and access your appointment letters on your smartphone, tablet or computer if you opt in.

Once patients at NGH have registered, they are able to:

  • see their appointments online
  • view their appointment letter once you opted in
  • confirm their appointment attendance
  • add their appointment to a personal calendar
  • set an appointment reminder


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