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Zesty team discussing Digital Transformation at the Servelec Rio User Group

July 5, 2019

The Zesty team is excited to discuss digital transformation for community care today at the Servelec partner event at Warwick University.

Zesty currently work with 17 NHS Clients. 7 Acute NHS Trusts plus 10 Primary Care, Community Trust and Sexual Health providers to enable patients to book and manage their healthcare appointments.

We are keen to build on the key lessons learnt in Acute NHS Trusts and apply this knowledge to Community NHS Trusts. Some of the key lessons we have learnt in the last 3 years are …

Transaction support – Users MUST have transaction support. In healthcare, this is appointments and prescriptions

Friction free – Registration must be friction free and 100% remote. No letters containing passwords or visits to the doctor with photo id.

Mobile, mobile, mobile – The product can’t just ‘support’ mobile devices. It must be mobile FIRST.•SMS is best.Initial invitation to register must be in a widely available and familiar format. We’ve found SMS works the best.

Don’t make them think – Patients won’t remember their NHS number or other reference.

Age is far less relevant than you may think – Our data simply doesn’t support the notion that a digital service is only for younger patients.


Together for Digital Care. We are open. We listen to your needs, capture the best practices, and work with our customers and peers to co-create solutions that free you up to do what you do best – care for others. From optimising software to your exact needs, to integrating with your partners to provide a single view information source, we will make the way you work, work better. We call it Digital Care, and we’re by your side.

Rio EPR System

Rio is a future-proof electronic patient records (EPR) system for community, mental and child health providers. It helps you improve outcomes by providing a holistic picture of patients in your care.

Rio supports the vision of every patient having one, fully integrated, electronic health record (EHR) to enable the very best and most efficient healthcare. A leading electronic patient record system for secondary care, it operates across mental health, child health and community care settings and interoperates easily with other systems. Rio manages both administrative and clinical processes and can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.