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Zesty User Group for NHS Clients

December 11, 2019

The Zesty team were proud to host a selection of NHS clients on December 10th 2019 for our first User Group event in London. Clinical, operational and technical staff from various NHS Hospitals participated in a lively discussion and healthy debate on patient portals, integration, interoperability, patient safety, clinical utilisation, e-forms, video consultations and connected devices.

Three features of the Zesty Patient Portal were discussed at length, e-Forms, Video Consultations and Connected Devices. The group summarised their views after each individual discussion with 3 main points:


Self-service is the future for patients

Start simple and grow from there, governance will follow the complexity

Information governance can be a driver for implementation

Video Appointments

Use the waiting room to educate patients (advice and guidance)

No download required to use, make it as easy as possible for patients

Occupational Health use case has strong support

Connected Devices

Evidence is required to support allowing a device to submit data into an EPR

Apps, sensors and devices will be specialty driven and cohort driven

Advice is to start small then expand across specialties

Summary of the Day

Professor Martin Severs, Zesty’s chief medical officer summarised the day with a round up of the main points discussed and shared his thoughts on future opportunities to digitalise outpatient services.

A selection of the key points he made were:

  • The opportunity for research is huge with e-forms and should be considered when rolled out by NHS Acute and Community hospitals
  • Patients will need to “opt in” and consent to their data being used for purposed other than direct care
  • Video appointments would complement the use of e-forms nicely
  • Connected devices should be prescribed by a clinician on the basis that they take on the associated risk and also so the EPR doesn’t get flooded with data that isn’t required or appropriate


We are keen to continue co-designing and co-developing the Zesty product in partnership with our NHS clients, so plan to run a number of User Groups in 2020 and stimulate further debate.

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